WJ Alessandro Perricone

24. oktober 2019, 18:30

Born in New York in 1988, grew up in Milano from 1989, moved to Piedmonte in 2006 and started his studies at University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo, and in 2013 he moved Copenhagen to be a part of the Christian Puglisi’s Relæ. In one year he went from being the assistant sommelier to head sommelier, to the restaurant manager at Relæ, and today he’s a partner of the Relæ Community, which includes Relæ, Manfreds, Bæst and Mirabelle, the wine import Vinikultur, Farm of Ideas farm and Rudo, the first vermouth bar in Copenhagen. He's also a dj, does beautiful graphic designs, like riding his motorcycle, is a great cat and never leaves home with out a bottle of Nebbiolo.

This is Alessandro Perricone!

Thursday 24. October from 18:30 Alessandro will share his passion about the Dolcetto grape,"it's an amazing grape variety. I’ve tried some delicious bottles, in so many different styles, coming from the most diverse territories, that it is really hard to give a definition to a Dolcetto wine. Is it a light wine? Is it meant to be consumed young? How does is perform with time?” Alessandro states!
He will also bring famous and more rare Piedmonte grapes to the bar, both newer vintages and all the way back to 1978!

More info to come ...