Who is Terroiristen? 

Terroiristen – what does it mean? The name derives from the french word terroir, meaning soil and microclimate. A ‘Terroirist’ is thus a wine maker who cultivates his/her vines and vinifies their grapes according to methods which respect and reflect the soil and the environment. Different factors influence the vines and subsequently the final product: the wine. Important factors are hours of sun, the inclination of the vineyard (exposure to the sun), temperature, rain, drainage conditions, wind conditions, soil composition including its contents of minerals and micro organisms. So when you speak about terroir-driven wines, it may actually be possible to recognise some of these factors.

Terroiristen in Jægersborggade

The Terroiristen wine bar is a place where you’d find naturally-grown, terroir-driven wines from Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Czech Rep., Bulgaria, Austria, Germany, France, Slovakia og Chile. You can choose to enjoy a single glass or buy a whole bottle. On a daily basis we have 10 to 20 open bottles (taken out of a selection of more than 200 bottles in our range). At Terroiristen you won’t find a regular wine list but our staff will do their very best to help our guests to make the right choice. Take a look here if you’re interested in knowing more about our wines.

Food and wine are inextricably linked, which is why we also offer a selection of rustic cold and hot dishes. Read more about our food philosophy and the current menu here.

We also operate as a wine shop where the wines can be bought to take home at regular retail prices.

Terroiristen is on good terms with the food authorities - check out the latest inspection reports here.