Wine bar 

A dynamic wine list

We wish to be a cosy place for everyone who likes to drink wine – both the wine connoisseur and for people who just want to pass by for a glass wine without wanting to go into too many specifics about the wine.

We have a dynamic wine list, meaning that it’s ever-changing and our guests can have a say with what wines we open. We usually open 10-20 bottles every day.

Our staff will do their utmost to help and advise our guests in what wine will be the best choice for them – this is based on small tastings and information on the grape and terroir of the specific wine. Sometimes a specific theme is created based on the wishes of our guests. A theme could be different wines made on Nebbiolo or say, orange wines. We always aim to share our knowledge about the less-common grape varieties, so don’t be surprised if we suggest another glass of wine that complements the one you’d just finished.

Almost all wines in our selection and their vintages are available by glass but for the most expensive ones we require a purchase of at least two glasses, while some special wines are sold only by bottle.

For a list on our producers and wines, take a look here.

Can you serve great wine on glass at prices where everyone can join?

Terroiristen can, will and is doing it.

Terroiristen insists that you should be able to drink fantastic wine by the glass, at affordable prices. This means that our wine list offers the opportunity to serve large wines on glass at prices based on a declining percentage of profit as the purchase price increases. You could also say that instead of multiplying a fixed factor, we put a fairly fixed amount on top of the purchase price. In practice, this means that you can enjoy more expensive the wine for much less than expected!

It allows us, for example, to serve Barolo, Brunello, Burgundy, etc. on glass at prices where everyone can join.

Wine shop

At Terroiristen, all of our wines can be bought to take home at regular retail prices throughout the opening hours. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you find wine for everyday and special occasions. Our range is always developing and currently consists of almost 225+ wines from more than 50 producers whom we know personally and regularly visit in their wineries to follow the work in the fields and cellar, taste the barrel samples, etc. We have brought you the best from Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, France and Chile to you.

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When the bar is open, the shop is open, for opening hours click here.