Olives 30,-
Marcona almonds 39,-
Grissini with tapenade 30,-
Saucissons 29,-

Fish, charcuteri, cheese ...

(from 17:00 Weds-Thurs./16:00 Fri-Sat)

Bread with olivenolie 40,-

Sardines in olive oil / Tuna with fennel seeds & olive oil* 65,-
Razor Clams with olive oil and lemon* 110,-

Duck terrine* 75,-
Mixed snacks 110,-
(2 kinds of Saucissons, almonds, olives & grissini with tapenade)

Cheeses* 119,-
Charcuteri* 119,-
Parma Ham with buffalo mozzarella, marcona almonds & olive oil* 139,-

*comes with sourdough bread
Ask our staff about allergens
The kitchen is open until an hour before closing, snacks are however served until the bar closes

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Our food philosphy *

Along with the wine, it’s possible to combine Italian-style dishes such as different types of antipasti, cheese & charcuterie plates. We only use high-quality ingredients that reflect our food philosophy based on respect for nature and the terroir. Thus our salamis, hams, patés, tapenades, almonds and olives are high quality products with great intensity in flavour. As for the cheeses we serve primarily raw milk cheeses as we believe it is best way to experience it – in the same way as we believe that spontaneously-fermented wine achieves something extraordinary compared to controlled-culture fermentation.

We also serve a few simple and rustic hot main dishes, for instance osso buco and veal cheeks. High quality ingredients and vegetables in-season are key. That said we do not have any ambition of turning our wine bar into a restaurant, as the core concept is all about wine. But, as we still wish to offer hot dishes we’ve made an agreement with the restaurant Mastro who prepares our hot dishes according to our ideas and vision.