Activities and events

We’ve created Terroiristen with the purpose of sharing our knowledge, our huge love and passion for wine with people. Besides our daily activities in the wine bar, we share our passion by holding special events such as:

- Visits from wine producers, see an example here

- Organizing a winemaker’s dinner either in the bar, or in collaboration with other restaurants, see an example here

- Every second month, on Thursdays, a WJ (Wine Jockey) runs the bar with a selection of wines that we normally don’t have in our range. During these events we’ve tasted wine from France, Greece, Germany, Georgia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Austria – the possibilities here are unlimited. The WJ evenings are essentially about tasting new interesting wines within the style that we prefer (terroir-driven wine) presented by an expert of a specific topic. Normally the wine is being tasted in 3-4 sets of tasting for the main theme and sub theme. The WJ tastings are very informal and for every one (no special knowledge required) and you can taste just the number of wines that you desire. There’s no start time as the wines are being presented continuously by the WJ at the tables during the evening.

- Wine courses. From time to time we offer wine courses – see here what “wine course for beginners” is about:

- Monday tastings: approx. every second month. Vertical tastings, vintage tastings or thematic tastings such as specific grape varieties etc. - see an example here:

All events will be posted on Facebook, Instagram and on our website under activities.

Read more about possibilities to arrange private or company tastings.