Natural and authentic wines

What do you find in our wines? Our wine is natural and authentic, and is produced according to old traditions that respect nature and reflect the surroundings in which the grapes and vines have grown. We import almost every single label that we have in our range.

One of the things that we are most fascinated by is the enormous variation and multitude of grape varieties. It’s our mission to spread our knowledge about native grape varieties from the countries and regions that we work with. During thousands of years, nature has selected the grape that is best suitable to grow under the specific conditions that are present in the different areas. Today, we know of more than 1,000 grape varieties that are genetically different but despite this fact, in today’s market, consumers are often presented with very few. At Terroiristen we make an effort to change this and do our best to introduce you to some of the other interesting and unknown grapes out there.

We both operate as a wine bar and wine shop.