Wine tastings

At Terroiristen we often organize wine tastings – both for private and corporate groups. We are very open to suggestions, and we are happy to help with ideas and solutions to create an exciting and fun event. If you lack inspiration, there are few examples of tasting themes further down the page.

At a wine tasting in Terroiristen we typically taste 6-10 wines within a specific theme. The wines are being commented during the tastings and participants will hear about the districts, the wine producers and their specific approach, the vinification etc.

If you wish, a specific menu can be created for the tasting or snacks as charcuterie or cheese plates can be prepared. Just ask us for more information.

Closed wine tastings can be arranged Mondays or Tuesdays when the bar is closed. On other days it’s also possible to reserve the whole bar if you are many participants, otherwise you can arrange tastings for smaller groups during normal opening hours, for example, reserving our lounge where max 12 people can participate. It’s possible to arrange tastings for a minimum of 8 participants.

All inquiries regarding wine tastings or other events can be sent through the contact form.

Wine tastings could be on some of the following themes:

General Italian wine tastings: We go from the north to the south, passing central Italy, tasting different grape varieties.

Slovenia / North East Italy: Top wines from Friuli and Slovenia, both reds and whites. An area where the quality has increased considerably and an area which offers wines with great personality.

Piedmont: Italy's most famous wine region offers many experiences, ranging from the classic Barolo and Barbaresco wines to Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto and white wines, for example Arneis, and sparkling wines. We explore the differences between traditionalism and modernism, the difference between natural and industrially produced wine.

The Nebbiolo grape: Terroiristen has the largest selection of Nebbiolo wines in Denmark and this fact makes it obvious to make a Nebbiolo theme tasting.

Biodynamic/organic/Natural wine: A trip around to a number of small, fanatic wine producers. Wine producers who make fantastic wine based on an approach that allows the wine to express the origin and the terroir, resulting a very authentic wine. The trips starts in Piemonte through Friuli to Toscana and ends in Sicily.

Natural wine from Eastern Europe: As we also import natural, authentic wines from Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia and Georgia. A tasting could focus on wines from these areas.

You’ll pay for the open bottles (one bottle is sufficient to approx. 10-12 people) and the agreed theme and the price is also depending on how many participants you are.

Program for the evening and price must be agreed on beforehand.